Adventurous Marriage Proposal Ideas

Are you an adventurous couple? Do you want a thrilling proposal? Try out some of our adventurous proposal ideas submitted by our users designed for those who like to live on the edge both in life and in love.

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  1. Take your loved one on a sky diving adventure. It's an intense, untaimed emotional experience. After you pull your shoot, you'll both land trapped under you parachute. Ask her to help you out of your chute and when she lifts it, be on one knee holding a ring, asking for her hand in marriage.
  2. Take her bungee jumping. When she gets to the top reveal the letters "Will you marry me? Jump for yes!" at the bottom.
  3. Looking for something adventurous and spectacular? Try proposing on a helicopter ride over the grand canyon. As you soar over the cascading canyons, tell her how your heart soars with with for her and then ask for her hand in marriage.
  4. Enjoy a ski weekend together and propose as you ski down the mountain. This sounds impossible, but if this couple can get married while skiing down the mountain, you can propose. ;)
  5. Surprise her with a sunrise hot air balloon ride complete with mimosas and a romantic proposal as you soar through the air with the clouds.
  6. Spend the day rafting down the river. When you finish up, get down on one knee and tell her that you want to weather the rapids of life together and ask if she'll spend her life with you.