Propose with Balloons

Are you looking for a unique marriage proposal idea that will lift her up and fly high? You'd be surprised how many ways you can use balloons in your proposal to make it both both unique and memorable. Read on for some romantic ideas submitted by our users.

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  1. Give her a balloon bouquet filled with rose petals. You can take the rose petals with you to the balloon shop and have them placed inside as they fill them with helium. Have the ring placed inside one of the balloons with rose petals. Surprise her with the balloons and as you pop them, she'll be showered with rose petals and an engagement ring.
  2. Take her on a hot air balloon ride and propose as she watch the world below. Tell her that when you're together, you're on top of the world. It will be especially romantic if you do it at sunset with a bottle of wine.
  3. Have a water balloon toss, with the ring inside the balloon. This is a fun, silly way to propose for those who like to bring out their inner child. It'll work best if the balloon pops on her so that she sees the ring. Just make sure it doesn't get lost!
  4. Surprise her with a room filled with balloons. Inside each balloon, put a love note (such as "I love you.", "You're everything to me.", etc). Hidden under the collection of balloons is a box containing the ring. She'll have to pop all of your "love notes" to get to the proposal! When she finds it, get down on one knee and propose.
  5. Get four balloons with each containing a word from "Will you marry me?" Once she's popped them all and revealed your proposal, present the ring to her.