Glow in the Dark Proposals

You can truly brighten her night with a nighttime marriage proposal. Here are some great "glow in the dark" methods for unique nighttime marriage proposals.

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  1. Write it out in glow in the dark letters or stars on your ceiling. Turn off the lights and get down on one knee as she reads your message.
  2. Write out your proposal with special glow in the dark markers and let her solve your clue. Get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage, then celebrate with a kiss in the dark.
  3. Write 'Will You Marry Me" on a white wall with a highlighter. If you turn on a black light (with all other lights off), she'll get your special message.
  4. With glow in the dark lotion, write will you marry me along your sweetie's legs as you give her a massage. Tell her how she lights up your life and ask her if she'll be your wife.
  5. Wear 'glow in the dark' underwear with the words "will you marry me?" written on the front. This works better for the funky, zany couple. ;)