Disney Proposal Ideas

Are you looking for a truly magical marriage proposal? Let Disney shower your proposal with pixie dust. We've got Disney World and Disneyland marriage proposal ideas as well as general Disney engagement ideas.

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  1. Propose during dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table at Magic Kingdom. If you let them know ahead of time, you may be able to get them to bring your ring out in a glass slipper with dessert.
  2. Book a "Breathless" IllumiNations cruise for two and propose during the show. The "Breathless" is a 1920's style boat, which adds to the romance of the night. For an additional fee, you can order champagne or tuxedo strawberries to enjoy during your cruise. All Disney fireworks cruises can booked up to 90 days in advance (but must be booked at least 24 hours in advance) by calling 407-WDW-PLAY.
  3. Propose at Disney's most romantic restaurant, Victoria and Albert's at the Grand Floridian. You may be able to get "Albert" to bring the ring out on a silver platter with roses during dessert. The most popular (and hard to get) reservation here is for the Chef's Table. Plan ahead for that reservation and perhaps the Chef can help with your proposal.
  4. At night, go to the Rose Garden, where the Mickey and Minnie shrubs are located, near the Castle together. Sit on the bench and then pop the question.
  5. Gifts of a Lifetime offers "pixies" that can pop up with your surprises or even be there to take a photo of the special occasion!
  6. Go to Disneyland and propose, out of the blue, in front of the castle with the crowd of people all around you.
  7. Propose in front of Cinderella's Castle during the fireworks. Be sure to get someone to take a picture of the newly engaged couple!
  8. If there is a certain country that your partner wants to visit, but you don't have the money to go there, take them to that particular country in Epcot at Disney World. It's a great place to pop the question as there are pavilions for many countries. Try to arrange for one of the photographer workers to snap photos of your special moment.
  9. In Disneyland, go on the Snow White ride. As soon as you round the corner and see the evil witch peek out of the window, propose.
  10. Propose during "Wishes" at the California grill! Don't forget the roses!
  11. Sign up for a luxurious couple's spa treatment at the the Grand Floridian Spa & Health Club. They offer a couple's room so you can do a surprise proposal while you're lying together getting pampered.
  12. Take her on the Grand Floridian's yacht cruise that offers a spectacular view of the "Fantasy in the Sky" fireworks display. They also offer butler service and gourmet meals onboard. Propose on the yacht during dinner or the fireworks display.
  13. Spend a romantic day in the sun and water at one of Disney's water parks. Propose as you snorkel hand-in-hand at Typhoon Lagoon above the fish, including sharks, or propose during a romantic picnic lunch in the sand.
  14. Take a romantic walk on the boardwalk, a re-creation of America's mid-Atlantic waterfronts of the past. Stroll down the boardwalk hand-in-hand, soak in the sunset, step into one of the restaurants for a bite to eat, and top the night off by sharing an ice cream cone and getting down on one knee.
  15. If you're lucky enough to win a contest or by some amazing chance get sprinkled with pixie dust and win a night in Cinderella's Castle Suite, then you have the setting for the ultimate Disney marriage proposal. If at all possible, keep the stay a secret from your partner. When you arrive, let them think you are going to the castle for dinner, but when you arrive, you'll actually be directed toward the suite instead. When the suite's doors open, have candles lit, soft Disney music playing, and propose. After you've heard "yes", you have the most romantic setting in the entire park to spend the night.
  16. At Disneyland or Disney World, arrange for your partner's favorite character to pose for a picture and hand your partner the ring. Then drop to one knee and ask for their hand in marriage.
  17. Ride the Tower of Terror at Disney World. At the top, when the ride takes your picture right before the big drop, propose.
  18. Propose on Splash Mountain at the top of the ride before the big drop.
  19. Go for dinner to the Coral Reef restaurant at the Living Seas Pavilion in Epcot. Let the restaurant know about your proposal plans in advance so they'll seat you by the large tanks. During dinner, have a diver (or Mickey) come to your table with a sign that says, "Will You Marry Me?".
  20. Propose at the Wishing Well to the right of Cinderella's Castle. It's a very romantic place and semi-private with a perfect view of the castle. After each of you make a wish and throw a penny in the well, propose. After your partner says, "yes", tell them that they made your wish come true.
  21. If you want to get really creative, you could put on a whole production such as: