Fall Proposal Ideas

Those crisp fall days are upon us. Crackling leaves, crisp breezes, football, apples, and approaching holidays are all signs of autumn. It's also one of the most romantic seasons for marriage proposals!

Download 101 of the most creative and romantic marriage proposals ever!

  1. Take a roll in the leaves together during the fall. When you come up, pull the ring out of your pocket and ask her to marry you.
  2. Take a long country drive and ask her in the company of the magnificent colored leaves.
  3. Take your beloved on a hayride and propose as you rock back and forth against each other.
  4. Give her a bouquet of gorgeous fall leaves. Silk works better as they won't fall apart. Tie a a ribbon around the leaf bouquet and attach the ring to it.
  5. Get a big scarecrow for your front yard at a local crafts store. Put it out in the yard with the ring attached to it's neck. Add a sign (using safety pins) that says "will you marry me?". She's in for a treat when she gets home.
  6. Create an autumn feast, complete with pumpkin pie and apple cider. Tell her how you've 'fall'-en in love with her and want to spend the rest of your fall seasons together for the rest of your life.
  7. Fill the room with scarecrows and have little signs attached to each that have loving comments on them, such as "I love you" or words that represent what she means to you. Have four of them bunched together on a table surrounded by leaves, a few candles, and the ring out in front. Put the words "Will you marry me" on these four for her to read.
  8. When raking in the fall, rake the leaves into a heart shape and get down on one knee as you tell your sweetie that you "fall" in love with her more and more each day and want to continue "falling" for the rest of your life.