Unforgettable Marriage Proposal Ideas

Make sure the memory of your marriage proposal lasts forever... These proposal ideas make an imprint that can never be forgotten both in memory and in presence.

Download 101 of the most creative and romantic marriage proposals ever!

  1. Some places allow you to buy "bricks" with your name engraved in them as part of fund raising. Purchase one with your names, but put it with her having your last name. When you show her, ask her to marry you.
  2. Buy a brick with "Marry me [her name]" inscribed on it. When you show her the brick, present her with the ring. Come back and revisit on your 50th anniversary.
  3. Put the ring around a 24k gold rose, a rose that will truly last a lifetime.
  4. Go to a few significant land marks from your journey together and snap a picture. Piece together the photos in a creative way, such as a scrapbook. Be creative and include postcards from vacation spots, a matchbook from your favorite restaurant, a movie pass from a previous date, etc. On the last page hollow out the back cover and have the engagement ring embedded with the words 'will you marry me?' printed around the ring!
  5. If you're looking for something completely unique that will last a lifetime, check out the new PicturesOnGold.com website. They offer an engraveable heart shaped pendant that you can give to her during your proposal. What's so unique about this company is that you can engrave your favorite photo of the two of you on the front and then engrave your proposal on the back. It's a pendant necklace completely customized to you, your relationship, and your proposal.tracking
  6. Have a star named just for her. When you give her the certificate, pop the question. You can get a telescope and stare at the star together all the time.
  7. photo memory bookCreate a photo memory book chronicling your relationship and romance. You could create your own memory book at home or try out the new hardcover memory books from Snapfish that you create with your own digital photos. It's super easy and you'll have a great memento of your proposal. Make it even more special by making the last page ask her to marry you! Romance From The Heart Special:Get 15% off your memory book today with coupon code MEMAFF15.
  8. Set up a video camera and create a DVD with your proposal on it. Set it up in the DVD player and the next time you settle in to watch a movie together, have the DVD surprise her.