Fun Marriage Proposal Ideas

Are you a fun loving couple? Do you and your fiancée have a great sense of humor? Try one of our FUN marriage proposals and make a game of it!

Download 101 of the most creative and romantic marriage proposals ever!

  1. Have a jigsaw puzzle created and let your sweetie piece your proposal together. You can print your proposal message, such as 'Will You Marry Me, '-name'?' on a custom-made, heart-shaped puzzle. Not only will the puzzle serve as your marriage proposal, but they'll have a souvenir of this special moment as well.
  2. Make a "hidden message" word search puzzle and have her solve it. Let the only letters not circled spell out "Will you marry me?"
  3. Pick any random puzzle from your local toy store to put together one evening as you're enjoying dessert. As you're putting the puzzle together and she glances away to pick up a piece, slip the ring into an empty spot. When she notices the ring, tell her that she completes you just as that piece she's holding completes this puzzle, then ask her to spend the rest of her life with you.
  4. Play a game of Monopoly and surprise her with the ring as her game piece.
  5. Play a game of hopscotch, but replace the pebble, with her rock (as in diamond rock). When she picks it up to throw, get down on one knee and propose.
  6. Play a game of LIFE and ask her to marry you when she has to "Stop for marriage".
  7. Play a game of hang-man and have the phrase spell out "Will you marry me?". When she solves the puzzle, get down on one knee and propose.
  8. Play a game of Wheel of Fortune and have the phrase spell out "Will you marry me?" When solves the puzzle, get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.
  9. Create a crossword puzzle and have all the clues be wedding, marriage, or engagement clues.
  10. Have a treasure hunt and leave clues around the house that lead her to a room filled with flowers, balloons, and you with a ring.
  11. If your girlfriend plays softball, get in touch with the league and coaches and arrange to be the umpire for one of the games without her knowing. Be sure to wear the mask (so she won't know it's you!) and have an ear piece (so that someone can tell you if it's a ball or strike!). When your girlfriend get's up to bat, arrange for the pitcher to pitch 3 balls, which you will call strikes. Call her out and as she heads back to the dugout, call her name, take off your mask, get down on one knee, and ask her to marry you. You'll take her frustrations away!
  12. Take a picture of yourself holding a sign saying: "Will you marry me?". Have the picture blown up and put it on heavy backing such as cardboard. Cut it up with an exacto knife to make a puzzle. Place the different pieces all around the house and leave different clues to find the pieces. In the end, when she puts all the pieces together it will be you holding up a sign asking them to marry you.
  13. Take her bowling with a group of friends. While she's not looking, write her name as will you marry me on the electronic score machines. It should appear as WYMM. When she asks what it is, tell here she has to get a strike or spare to find out. When she does, say hurry up and look making sure she is in front of you, then drop to one knee as she turns around and propose.
  14. Create your own puzzle asking her "Will you marry me?" Give her the puzzle box and get down on one knee as she is placing the last piece in the puzzle. You can buy blank puzzles at your local craft store and decorate them with markers, paints, crayons, or colored pencils.
  15. Have fun with a game night together. Play Trivia Pursuit and when it's her turn to answer a question, grab the next card from the box. Pretend to be reading from the card, but instead ask the question "Will you marry me?" instead of the question on the card. She'll be shocked and surprised as you get down on one knee!