Propose Marriage and Shower Her with Gifts

Completely knock her off her feet! By giving her other gifts, you'll leave her clueless that the marriage proposal is coming!

Download 101 of the most creative and romantic marriage proposals ever!

  1. Surprise her with a basket of several little gifts (a book, a new CD from her favorite band, some chocolates, etc) and let the ring be the last thing she opens. Need help putting together a basket? We've found a collection of very romantic baskets that are perfect for a proposal.
  2. Give her a beautiful sterling silver heart charm for her necklace with your proposal engraved on it. Or put the ring on a necklace with the charm (engraved with your message and your engagement date).
  3. Propose on YOUR birthday, when they are thinking of giving you gifts. There is no better birthday present you can receive than your significant other saying they will marry you.
  4. Take her out to the mall or her favorite store just as you would any other time, but tell her it's your treat. Make sure you talked to the manager there earlier in the week to make sure that their receipts say "Marry me, name." instead of "Have a good day." Buy her that dress shes been raving about and when you get the receipt complain that they made a mistake in the price. Ask her if she thinks it adds up right. When she realizes what it says, pull out the ring.
  5. Give her an engagement 'Precious Moments' figurine with a ring attached to it. When she opens it, get down on one knee and propose.
  6. Give her a bride & groom 'Precious Moments' figurine as a surprise. When she opens it, tell her it's to symbolize your upcoming wedding, then ask if she'll be your wife.
  7. Give her a custom created wooden puzzle with your proposal engraved. These puzzles from MGC Puzzles are handcrafted and unique. You can even put a photo of the two of you on the puzzles.
  8. Put the ring around the top of her favorite bottle of perfume and wrap both in a pretty paper to give to her as a gift. When she opens it, get down on one knee and propose. You can save 70% on perfumes at Perfume Emporium.