Spooky Halloween Proposal Ideas

You can turn a spooky holiday into a romantic one with these creative Halloween marriage proposal ideas.

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  1. Take her trick-or-treating and the ring will be the special treat.
  2. Put the engagement ring in a cored pumpkin and carve it together. When she opens the top to start carving, she'll find a surprise!
  3. Carve the words "Will you marry me?" into pumpkins and have them glowing to surprise her.
  4. On Halloween, take your partner to a cemetery (only if you're allowed in!) or other equally spooky place. Walk around for a while, talking about your relationship and your future. Suddenly, stop and get really still, as if you heard something. Your partner will probably do the same, then ask you what's wrong. Once she's thoroughly spooked, pop the question!
  5. Place the ring on the pumpkin stem for her to find. She'll be surprised when she starts to carve!
  6. Take her to a pumpkin patch. When you get down to cut a pumpkin from a vine, get on one knee. Instead of picking up the pumpkin, present her with the ring.
  7. Create a haunted house full of scary things such as peeled grapes for eyeballs and spaghetti noodles for brains. When she reaches in, have the ring waiting for her.
  8. Dress up as a bride and groom for Halloween and then really propose before the night is over.
  9. Take her on a hay ride under the moon and proposed while you're huddled together under a blanket.
  10. Give her a bouquet of Halloween theme flowers with the ring attached!
  11. Give her a bag full of candy corns with the ring hidden inside. As she reaches in for a sweet treat, she'll find an even sweeter one.
  12. Throw a Halloween party for friends and family at home. While you dance away to the Monster Mash, get down on one knee and propose in front of everyone.
  13. Rent a couple of spooky Halloween flicks, create a few scary Halloween treats, and enjoy a night hiding your eyes on the couch. When she buries her head in your shoulder, gently pull her up with your hand on her cheek. Tell her that you want to protect her forever and ask her to marry you.
  14. Plan for her friends to take her to a local Haunted House. Talk to the company that runs it and plan for you to be part of the 'haunting' at the end. After you jump out and scare her and her friends, get down on one knee with the ring. She'll be surprised in more ways than one.