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Luke proposes to Drew by taking her back to the tree in Georgia where they carved their initials one year prior.

Super Bowl Proposal

One lucky girl is about to get a big time proposal. Her boyfriend started out months ago trying to raise more than $2 million via website donations. The reason? He wanted to propose to her in a Super Bowl commercial.

After failing to raise the necessary funds, the groom-to-be decided to take a different approach: sponsorship. His proposal, if aired, will now feature product placements to cover the cost of the commercial. In addition, he signed up his future fiancée to appear on several talk shows the next day. Let's hope she says yes!

Should he go to such extremes? Do the sponsorships take away from the romance of the proposal? Are they in it for the hype?

Some skeptics doubt the surprise factor in this "public declaration of love". How can one guy meet with Fortune 500 companies, television producers, and publicists to create a proposal without his girlfriend suspecting. Perhaps she actually is in on the plan and it's all a big sham. Being the romantic that I am though, I'm hoping to see this guy get down on one knee on February 4th.

Now if only he could pass some of his creativity on to other men. ;)


Unfortunately, the not-yet-named Super Bowl proposer was unable to get his proposal aired during the big game. He's now moved on to a backup plan and his proposal will be aired (locally) during an upcoming episode of his girlfriend's favorite TV show, Veronica Mars. How many guys would go to such extremes to get their proposal on TV? I'm still wondering how he managed to keep this entire thing a secret from his girlfriend.


We've been following the adventures of the anonymous romantic who vowed to propose to his girlfriend on television, first during the Super Bowl and then during her favorite show Veronica Mars. Well, his luck finally changed and it aired last night. See the proposal and her reaction at the same time here:

Think she was happy? ;) Congrats to them both!

Boise State star running back Ian Johnson proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend on national TV after their shocking win in the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma by one point in overtime. Looking surprised and excited, she said yes and jumped into his arms!

A man makes good on his promise to propose at the Eiffel Tower by recreating the tower out of toothpicks. What a thoughtful thing to do!

An anonymous man pleads for donations in an effort to 'make the most public declaration of love'. Through his blog, he is attempting to raise $1.5-$2 million dollars in order to show a 30-second Super Bowl commercial asking his girlfriend to marry him. Now that's thinking big! Check out his story here: Super Bowl Proposal.

Google Earth Aerial Proposal
A new take on aerial proposal ideas, these romantic gents had their marriage proposals painted on roof tops in New York City. In the past, these proposals would be viewable by air only, but with Google Earth, these creative proposals are now online! Now that's a new way to propose!

Search Engine Proposal
Barry surprised girlfriend Yisha with a proposal via the search engine. He had her search for her name in the engine and worked with so that his proposal would appear at the top. While she searched, he got down on one knee. Now that's a different take on an Internet marriage proposal.