Internet and Online Proposal Ideas

Did you meet online? Are you both tech geeks? Here's a collection of unique and creative internet and online ways to propose marriage.

Download 101 of the most creative and romantic marriage proposals ever!

  1. Create a website asking your beloved to marry you. Make sure you're there when they're viewing it though, then get down on one knee when they're done. A website is a public declaration of your love, so you'll be able to share your proposal with her friends and family.
  2. Send an eCard that will be delivered to your sweetie at work. Include a romantic love poem that tells them exactly what they means to you. At the end, ask for their hand in marriage. Be at they're office waiting to surprise them after they've received the card.
  3. Set a reminder to pop up in they're Outlook and have it be a proposal (or a wedding date suggestion!). Make sure to have the reminder pop up while you're around. If it's at work, have the reminder come up around lunch and be there waiting to give them the ring and celebrate with a romantic lunch.
  4. Put your proposal in your sweetie's Palm Pilot. This will work best if they check it frequently when you're together. You can either put your whole proposal or give them a few teasers and then get down on one knee and propose when you're together.
  5. Send a text message to your sweetie's cell phone asking them to marry you. While you're out and about and they least expects it, send the message. They'll be surprised to receive a message on their cell while you're together. After they read it, get down on one knee and propose or wrap them up close and ask them to spend their life with you.
  6. Send a wireless email asking your sweetie to marry you. Again, make sure you're together when they receive it so that you can tell them how much they mean to you and ask for their hand in marriage.
  7. Is she always working at a computer? Set up the screen saver to be the proposal, and be there when it pops up. To do this on a windows machine, simply right click on your desktop and select 'properties'. Click on the 'screensaver' tab. Select '3D Text' and then click 'settings' to change the text. She'll be pleasantly surprised when she walks up to the computer and see's your proposal. Be waiting with flowers and the ring behind her.
  8. If you are on an online message board, forum, etc, ask her in a post. Make the post a full fledged love letter to her letting her know how you feel about her and your life together. Tell her that you found a post that she just has to read. While she's reading, get the ring out and get down on one knee to propose.
  9. If you met on the internet, propose via e-mail or instant message. Or instead, drop hints via email or IM and then surprise her later on with roses, romance, and you on one knee with the ring.
  10. Make your proposal into a desktop picture for her to find when she turns on her computer. To do this, have a friend take a photo of you down on one knee and then set it as her desktop background picture. The next time she heads to check her email, follow and be down on one knee holding the ring when she turns back to you.
  11. Create your proposal on your webcam and then upload it online to your own proposal website, clipshack, or YouTube. Either surprise her with it by telling her that you've got something to show her online. Or send her an email with a link to your proposal. Either way, be there when she views it and get down on one knee to slip the ring on her finger.