Propose at a Party

Are you thinking of having a party for your proposal? Are you proposing at birthday party? Do you want to combine your marriage proposal with your engagement party? Here are some great marriage proposal ideas for parties.

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  1. If you are high school sweethearts and are destined to be together forever, then go to your senior prom and tell the DJ and the person in charge what you are planning to do so they can tell you when you can do it. Set a time (like after the king/queen dance), that way your sure to shock her in front of all your friends and teachers.
  2. Plan a surprise engagement party and make sure that everyone knows to keep it a secret. You can tell your sweetheart that the party is just a fun get together for everyone. When she/he arrives at the party, surprise them with your proposal. Now you can celebrate your engagement with all of your friends and family!
  3. Tell her your taking her to a friend or relatives birthday party. Invite all of your family and her family and friends. When she walks in, have a banner saying "Congratulations _____"! When she sees it, drop to your knees and ask her to spend the rest of her life with you. Make sure someone is recording this special moment.
  4. If you were high school sweethearts, why not recreate your prom night and propose to her then. Gather a group of your friends (possibly even those that you went to high school with), dress up in formal wear, and play that romantic song that you danced to together at the prom. When it's over, get down on one knee and propose.
  5. Create a custom pinata and fill it with her favorite candies. Once you've done that, either put the ring inside the pinata (leave it in the box so it doesn't get lost) or put a note inside asking for her hand in marriage. When she finds the ring (or note), get down on one knee and propose. At, you can create custom pinata's from any picture. For example, send a picture of yourselves or you could have a pinata made of something that is special to the two of you.