Marriage Proposals Using Pictures and Photos

Photos are an expression of yourself and there are several creative ways to use them in your marriage proposal.

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  1. Have your names engraved on a photo frame, then add a note that says "Marry Me, ___" inside the frame.
  2. Take a digital photo of yourself holding a "Will you marry me?" sign and email it to her. Make sure you're around when she receives it so that you can get down on one knee and propose.
  3. Create a digital photo of the two of you decked in wedding gear with the phrase "will you marry me?" on the bottom.
  4. Have a caricature created of the two of you as a bride and groom with your proposal added the top.
  5. Take pictures with a (film) camera while on vacation etc. and remember to leave the last five pictures on the end of the roll, later take pictures of the words 1. will 2. you 3. marry 4. me 5. picture of you on one knee holding the ring. Then go with her to develop the pictures and as she looks through the last 5, hand her the ring.