Proposing Marriage During a Private Moment

Marriage proposals are very private and personal. While some people choose to propose in public, there are numerous private moment proposal ideas to help you creat a unique and personal marriage proposal.

Download 101 of the most creative and romantic marriage proposals ever!

  1. Relax together in a bubble bath with candles all over the bathroom. Propose as you share your hopes and dreams for the future. There's nothing more romantic for an intimate proposal.
  2. Make her a candle lit dinner. Fill it with aphrodisiac foods, wine, and end it with a decadent dessert and your romantic proposal.
  3. Give her a foot massage and place the ring on her little toe. When she sees it, ask her to marry you.
  4. Slip the ring on her finger while she's sleeping then wake her with your special proposal.
  5. Make her breakfast in bed and place a romantic card on the tray with your proposal.
  6. Spell your proposal out with lit candles. This particularly works well with tea light candles.
  7. Go for a midnight stroll under the stars and end it with a romantic proposal.
  8. Squeeze into a sleeping bag and lay under the stars together. Have her close her eyes to make a wish, then when she opens them, have the ring waiting for her.
  9. Propose on a deserted beach at sunrise or sunset. It's intimate, secluded, and romantic.
  10. Have a trail of flowers and candles leading to a small alter (i.e. a stool or chair) at home, which the ring is placed on.
  11. On a cloudy night take her out star gazing. After a few laughs, kisses, and happy moments, say that you see a star in the sky (even if you don't see one). When she asks where, point to it with the ring obviously on the end of your finger and say, "right there."
  12. Take your girlfriend out to a romantic candlelit dinner for two. Before hand, get a bottle of wine with a thin-necked wine glass. Place the ring inside the glass with the outer edge of the ring all around the inner-edge of the wine glass. Then, pour a little wine in each glass. When your true love comes to drink the wine, tell her to not drink it ALL unless she suddenly catches the ring even before she finishes drinking the wine. Then, when you feel the time is right, with the ring still in the glass, show it to her and ask her to marry you.
  13. Put in a romantic movie, cuddle up on the couch with a blanket made for two and hide the ring the custom remote pocket for her to find during your show! It's sure to be a romantic night!
  14. Go out to the stars and show her Andromeda (you might need to research how first) then explain that it is 2 million light years away and the most distant object that the naked eye can see. Then explain how the light that she sees, the individual photons, are for her eyes and hers alone, no one else will experience that light. That means 2 million years ago, 400 billion stars all got together to create a light that was only meant for her. Tell her that's how special she is, and though you're only a man if she'll give you the rest of eternity you'll find a way to make her feel that special. Then propose.
  15. Make her breakfast in bed. Bring a tray with eggs, toast, and a half a small melon (either honeydew or cantaloupe). Put the ring inside the melon for a sweet surprise when she goes to eat.
  16. While she's out one night, turn off all the lights in the entire house. Light a candlelit path (possibly include some rose petals) leading to you on one knee with the ring in hand.
  17. Plan a romantic movie night at home. Let her pick her favorite romantic movie, get a cuddle blanket for two and a bowl of popcorn. While she puts the movie in, you make the popcorn, strategically placing the ring in the bottom of the bowl. When she finds it, ask for her hand in marriage!
  18. Plan a romantic movie night at home. Let her pick the movie, but when you go to put it in, switch it out for a dvd that you've made yourself with your proposal on it!
  19. Take your sweetie out for a scenic hike. When you reach an inspirational point - waterfall, mountain view, etc - tell her that you wanted to bring her to a spot almost as beautiful as she is and then get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.
  20. Light up her future with a candle lit path that leads to you and your proposal of marriage. You can purchase bags of tea light candles and line a path (to your bedroom, to the backyard, to the dining room, etc). When she arrives home and follows the candle lit path, be waiting at the end on one knee with the open ring box and ask if she'll spend the rest of her life with you.
  21. Get a heart shaped Post-it sticky notepad and write one reason why you love your sweetie on each sheet. Create a trail of these notes leading her somewhere special. Have the last note on a closed door with the following written on it: Write on the last note "For all these reasons and more, I want to spend the rest of my life with you." As she opens the door, be waiting on one knee with the ring in hand and ask "Will you marry me?"
  22. Have a temporary tatoo made with the words "Marry Me" on it and surprise your sweetie with your new body art and a ring.