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  1. My husband proposed to me after slashing my car tires so I could not leave. It worked!
  2. I was a poor art student in college living 17 hours away from my girlfriend. I wanted to propose to her in my own unique way. So I wrote out my true feelings for her on illustration board. I then made it look over 100 years old by applying an aging varnish and crackling varnish. I had it framed in this 18th century style frame I bought at a cheap art store. Then I arranged with the exhibit director at the local museum in her town to have it hung in a gallery space. (The director didn't charge me, she loved the idea) I surprised my girlfriend on her graduation weekend by flying in. (Before I saw her I had stopped at the museum to drop off my framed piece). My girlfriend had to run errands all day for her graduation, but I asked her if we could stop at the museum. I explained to her (and lied to her) that a friend of mine from art school happened to have some work on display at the local art museum. I told her I realized she was busy that day but if we could just stop in and see it because it was the last day for his exhibit. We stopped in and I let her walk in the room and look at the art work. Finally she saw a piece of writing hung on the wall that had her name at the top. She read it and finally realized what I had done! By the time she got to the end, I was on one knee and proposed! She loved it, and the best part was she got to show all her classmates her ring and tell the story at graduation!
  3. My fiancé proposed to me in my sleep. We had been discussing marriage after only a few months of dating. He knew that I would suspect any type of dinner or trip. So one week, when I just happened to be sick, he brought me Nyquil to help me sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and he was not next to me. He was sitting in the dark in the kitchen. I asked him if something was wrong and sat down next to him in the dark, still groggy from the Nyquil. I ran my hand through my hair and felt something move on my finger. It was then that I realized what it was. I was crying and laughing at the same time. He turned on the lights, got down on both knees and asked me to marry him at 3 in the morning. He was so happy I did not sleep through the night because he was awake with anticipation. We cried ourselves to sleep in happiness. After I called my mother at 4 am of course!
  4. I knew he had the rings, but I still wanted a surprise in receiving it. There was only one way for him to surprise me... I went to change over the laundry, when I opened the lid to the washer, my ring was sitting on top of the agitator. When I turned around he had come in from the next room and was standing right behind me.
  5. This is how I was proposed to to... He took me to the park on Christmas night and gave me a huge box. I opened the first box and inside there were packing peanuts and another box. I opened the next box and inside was the same. I opened the next, same thing. I opened the last box and inside was a small teddy bear that sang Silent Night. I didn't notice the ring box that was attached to him until a minute later. It had the words "marry me?" on the back of its fake sheet of music. It was so sweet and I was totally surprised!
  6. Last Christmas my husband proposed to me in New York. He has some friends who live up there so we were staying with them and a lot of our other friends were there too. He put a tiny Christmas box as a ornament on the tree with a tag adressed to me. He pretended that he had never seen and said that it was addressed to me. He gave it to me and when I looked up he was standing there and he asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes but he took a step further and went out on the balcony shouting "She said yes!" and "We're getting married!"
  7. I found a farmer and paid him to cut out a 7 acre marriage proposal in his field. Then I flew my fiancée over the field and proposed to her on our way to a family cabin. For more on the story, check out the Toledo Blade newspaper article.
  8. It was Valentines Day 2002. My finance (now my Husband) took me to Logans, where we had our first date. He had reserved the table that we sat at on our first date. I ordered desert and instead of what I ordered was a cake that said WILL YOU MARRY ME? The ring on top of the cake. And I also got a dozen roses. I was very sweet. I was very surprised. It was perfect.
  9. Me and my boyfriend planned a night out (which was uncommon; dinner and the movies; We took the long way (scenic route) and romantic music was playing as he was expressing to me why and how much he loved me. It was all really sweet but I could tell he was nervous about something. Finally he pulled over to the side of the road and went to grab something out of his trunk. It was a beautiful silk rose. I was instructed not to open it until we got to our destination. Finally, we arrived and I was told exactly how to pull the rose out of the box as he was almost in tears and still expressing how much Ii meant to him and how he couldn't picture life without me. Finally he blurted out "will you marry me". and told me to pull on one of the petals of the rose. I pulled all except the right one. Finally he pulled it and inside the rose was a ring box with a diamond ring in the middle. I was completely shocked because he always said he didn't believe in marriage and just knowing all the planning and thought that went into the night made me feel really loved. It wasn't how he planned things to be because he intended to propose over dinner with friends and family but I found it to be romantic. Just goes to prove you don't have to spend a lot of money, go to an exotic place or anything else.
  10. My girlfriend loved flowers. I took her to a flower nursery where I incorporated the assistance of the manager. Amongst the brightly, yellow colored flowers, I arranged to have potted, red colored, flowers placed in the nursery that spelled out the words..."Susan, will you marry me, Brad". I further hid my spelling by covering the red - worded - flowers with yellow peddles. Then, on cue, the fans were turned on and the loose peddles were blown away to reveal my message. She cried and said yes. Directly behind us was a rose arrangement where I had the ring resting on top of a rose bud. She stills talks about it today...
  11. I had always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride ever since I was a little girl. I remember one night I had mentioned it to my boyfriend during a talk about silly memories. Anyway, it was on my birthday and I was so thrilled that we were going to go. He couldn't have planned it better! Being excited, I invited close family and a few friends to take pictures (as I had planned) when we got down. Apparently he had arranged for a lot more people to come and I had no clue about this. So, we were in the hot air balloon and he was telling me how much he loved me. It was perfect. He looked surprised at something, and I looked over the side to see......* hold your breath*. He had told them to arrange their cars in the words " Marry Me" It was so amazing! After that all of our friends came down to take pictures of us. It just meant so much to me that he had planned this out so well, and arranged over 130 people to show up!
  12. If your girlfriend likes to journal or write poetry, get her a new journal and put the ring in the back. When she opens it, you write on the front inside cover a message to look on the back. She will open it and go crazy. That's what my fiancé did and I was speechless. I will never lose this journal. I journal every night and it was just a great surprise. I didn't think that he was even thinking about marriage.
  13. Would lighting yourself on fire count as romantic? That's what I did at a party with about 70 of our friends on July 4 this year. My girlfriend "makes me hot" and I wanted to get that point across. Check out our website to memorialize the event.
  14. My fiance and I love the Phantom of the Opera and always envisioned ourselves as each other's Erik (Phantom) and Christine. One day, we went to see the movie musical at the mall. We ended up singing softly for each other, so no one else could hear. After the movie got out, we went across the hall to a store, where he bought me a silver ring with a clear stone in it. He had me put it on the chain around my neck, and said that it was our "secret engagement" - just like in the musical! Needless to say, this Phantom got his happy ending.
  15. My boyfriend invited me to his house and his room was full of personalized soaps that he wrote different messages on. The last soap said will you marry me.
  16. My Girl friend was into fish and aquariums. So When I went to propose I fixed a romantic dinner with candle light, mood music,and I bought floating candles, and cleaned her place spotless. Then I melted the bottom of one of the floating candles and melted in the engagement ring. I floated her ring with several other candles. I lowered the water level of the aquarium and asked her if it was safe to have lit candles in the aquarium. I asked her to remove them to be safe and when she went to put one of them down it wouldn't sit down right so when she looked at the bottom to see what the matter was she saw her ring.
  17. I am doing the proposing to my boyfriend of 5 years by sending him on a scavenger hunt with my best friend, for her birthday! What he doesn't know is that when they get to the last place of clues, I will be there with a banner saying "Jamie, will you marry me?" on it and a dozen roses in hand. Hopefully he'll say yes. I will come back and tell all!
  18. On 9/07/06, I'm proposing to my girlfriend. I am going over to her house at four in the morning and placing a note on her windshield telling her to have a good day at work. Next to the note, there was a window paint pen. She drove to work wondering what was going on. As she made the final turn onto the back road to her work, along the side of the road, I placed signs that say: (1) There is a guy (2) Named "my name" (3) That loves a girl (4) Named "her name" (5) And he wants to spend the rest of his life with her (6) And he wants to know if.... And then as she pulled into the parking lot, my vehicle was sitting in the parking lot with the back glass facing her. On the back window I wrote with the window paint pen..."her name" will you marry me??? And right below that there is 2 boxes: one for yes and one for no. Then I got on one knee next to my vehicle with ring in one hand and dozen roses in the other.
  19. I proposed two weeks ago. You can see it here:!* Note from Romance From The Heart - This is an incredibly creative and romantic proposal using the Internet! Congrats to Dave and Elizabeth!
  20. This story is about an idea I gave to my best friend who had been seeing his girlfriend for about 5 years. One day I went to visit him and he asked me to be his best man because he was going to propose. He didn't know how he was going to do it and nervously asked for my help. I gave him several ideas and to my surprise he used one of them. He decided to engrave "Will You Marry Me?" on a plate and arranged for the plate to be used at dinner at a small restaurant that he and his girlfriend liked very much. When the night came he didn't expect for his girlfriend to order the pasta, she usually ordered the chicken. The night went on and it seemed like it wasn't going to happen. He started to ask questions about how her meal was and repeatedly asked if she was going to finish. A little more than an hour later she finally noticed a letter on her plate. It baffled her because the letter she saw wasn't in the name of the restaurant. As she began to push the pasta sauce aside she noticed the word "You". This really confused her and almost scared her. Then she noticed the word "Marry". "You Marry" she thought? And as she began to see the rest of the words and realized that it was a proposal, my friend got down on his knees and asked her to be his wife. The plan had worked out and I'll never forget my friend's face when his girlfriend ordered the pasta.
    - C.W., California USA
  21. My husband was stationed at Ft. Campbell KY. I was living in Ohio. I would go to visit as often as possible. I went to see him on my birthday. I knew he had plans for me, but I did not know what. I thought we were going to Nashville for the weekend. We got in the car and started driving and he told me "I am taking you to St. Louis". My birthday was perfectly planned he had a reservation for us at a Four Star Hotel. We went to the St Louis Repertory Theater and saw "Much a do about nothing" then dinner at a beautiful restaurant that revolved around the city. After dinner we went to BB Kings Blues Bar. On the way over in the cab I kept trying to play with his leg and he slapped my hand away. Telling me to control myself. I was a little surprised because little did I know he had the ring in his pocket and was afraid I would find it. At exactly midnight, which was officially my birthday, we went for a walk under the St. Louis Arch when we were directly in the center he told me to look up and see how amazing it was. When I looked back down there he was on one knee with the ring in his hand. I was speechless it felt like eternity to him and he finally said "A Yes would be nice about now". I said yes! The St. Louis Arch has so much meaning to both of us now. Whenever we see a picture of the Arch it brings the whole magical weekend back.
  22. I live in Michigan and my fiancé lives in New York. My children, 19 and 16, and I went to spend Christmas with him. Leon works at Shubert Theater in NYC and he bought us tickets to see the show playing there, Spamalot, for Christmas Eve. He told us that he had to do some work during the show and wouldn't be joining us in the audience. During intermission Leon came to my seat and told me that one of the security guards would come get us after the show so we could go backstage and meet the cast. When the curtain went down, the security guard showed up and took us backstage. He told us to go up the steps (on the stage) and as we walked up, I saw most of the cast milling about, but mostly looking at us. I have to say I felt a little weird, and I looked around for my boyfriend, and there he was. . . dressed like one of King Arthur's Knights. He was standing there smiling at me, and I looked back at the security guard and said, "I'm not going out there." I thought the curtain was going to go up and he was going to start singing and have me part of some wacky sideshow! Instead the guard nudged me and told me to get out there. I did, and Leon recited the most beautiful poem, he wrote it himself. I was in a semi-shocked-stage-fright-kind of stupor. I heard the poem, but didn't REALLY hear it. I did grasp those magic words; "Will you be my wife for all of our life. Please say yes, I pray for nothing less." And of course I said yes! My Knight in Shining Armor, isn't that what every girl dreams of?
  23. Yesterday I asked my girlfriend's hand and this is how I did it. To start with, you have to remember the movie An officer and A Gentleman with Richard Gere and Debra winger. The end scene of the movie is particularly moving as Zack Mayo (Richard Gere) goes to Paula's (Debra Winger) workplace in his stylish and so very formal uniform. He takes her in his arms and then they walk out together, while all the employees cheer them on. This scene gets my mom crying every time. I guess you will have understood by now that I did exactly the same. It took me some time to find the uniform (a rental), but I finally got it. Then about 3 weeks ago, I called my girlfriend's colleague (and friend) and asked her to play the movie's track (which I gave her last week) on the 14th at 6:30 pm. My girlfriend works in a adornment store, so even though it is not exactly the same as in the movie, it is quite appropriate as there will be quite a lot of people in the shop at that time of the day. It is Valentine's Day after all. So at 6:30 yesterday, I made my entrance (with the music). You should have seen her face. She nearly fainted, so I guess one can say that it worked! By the way, she said yes! All the employees were there and cheering us. At least that is what I have been told because I was not paying them much attention.
  24. My college student proposal: On the day you plan to ask her, carry the ring with you all day and just out of the blue when you need to meet her by her dorm or walk her there say will you marry me and take the ring out.
  25. My fiancé and I had planned for him to come out to Boston (where I am in law school) for a long weekend. I thought he was coming on Thursday, but he showed up on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, he woke me up and said that we had to go downtown. He dropped me off at a spa and told me that he would be back in 3 1/2 hours to get me. I checked in and he had booked me a massage, manicure, and pedicure. He came back when I was done and took me on the subway that goes to the airport. I was confused, as we had no bags, but it turned out that he had gone back to my room while I was at the spa, packed both of our bags, brought them to the airport, checked them in, and then came back to get me from the spa.

    We flew back to Michigan (where we are both from). While we were up in the air, he started talking about how close we were to heaven and how the only thing closer to heaven would be to spend the rest of his life with me. I, of course, am about hyperventilating. He hands me a box and I open it - and it's a diamond pendant! It was beautiful, but he had totally tricked me into thinking he was proposing.

    On Friday morning he had "errands" to run, so I slept in. When he got back, he went into another long speech about how special I am and handed me another box. This time, it was diamond earrings.

    He suggested that we go ice fishing. We went to the lake that we normally fish on and he had already set up the shanty. I thought that was sweet of him. We fished for a while and then I set my pole down (with the line still in the water) to eat lunch. After lunch, I picked up my pole and thought that I had a fish (because it was heavy). I reeled it in and as the "fish" got closer to the surface I realized it wasn't a fish at all - it was a red pillow with a diamond ring on it! Tied right to the end of my line! I was so shocked because I had just been fishing with that line and my fiancé had been with me the entire time, so I had no idea how the ring got there. I looked over at my fiancé, who was down on his knees. He proposed, and of course I can hardly remember what he said, but I do remember him saying that I was a "catch of a lifetime" and how lucky he was to have me and how much he loved me. It was amazing.

    I asked my fiancée how he pulled that off and he said that the reason he set up the shanty before I got there was so that he could drill an extra hole in the ice on my side outside the shanty. A buddy of his came and stuck this pole/hook that they had rigged up (it was a broom handle with a large plastic hook on the end) into the hole and under the ice. He hooked my line with it and pulled my line (and hook) out onto the ice. Then he took off the worm, put the ring pillow on and dropped it back into the water. I couldn't believe he did so much work just to surprise me! His buddy lives over an hour away and had been driving to my fiancé's town for weeks practicing.

    On Friday night we drove up to tell his parents and then drove to my hometown on Saturday morning to tell mine. When I got to my mom's house I told her and then walked into my old bedroom (that I still use when I come home). I walked into the bedroom - where there were at least 10 formal gowns hanging from the ceiling. My fiancé had bought them, along with matching shoes. I tried them on (feeling like a princess of course) and chose one to wear to dinner that night. He then took me to get my hair done in an up do for dinner.

    When my fiancé came to pick me up for dinner, he handed me a new black leather purse and inside were new diamond earrings (dangly ones, to go with the studs he had given me earlier) and a diamond bracelet.

    We went to a nice restaurant for dinner and after dinner he suggested that we go tell me godparents (my aunt and uncle) the news. I agreed and we went to their house. I walked in and started telling them the story. I was so excited and emotional that I had a hard time talking. They suggested we come in and sit down and I walked into the house and heard "Surprise!" There were 40 of my closest friends! My fiancé had planned a surprise party for me and invited my high school and undergrad friends. I couldn't believe it - many of them had driven hours to come and some had even flown in. I was so touched that my fiancé would plan the party and that so many of my friends would take the time to come that I burst into tears. What an amazing night! My fiancé had gotten a block of rooms in a hotel so that we could all stay together and had even gotten a shuttle service to take them from the hotel to the party and then from the party to the bar.

    On Sunday, I flew back to Boston. I was sad because I didn't want my "proposal weekend" to end, but my fiancé assured me that this is only the beginning of a lifetime of surprises. I got back to my room to find a stack of bridal magazines on my desk, along with jewelry cleaner, a CD with "our song" on it, a copy of the invitation he had sent my friend, addressed to me (just for my scrapbook) and a folder with my itinerary for the weekend (also for my scrapbook). It was the most perfect proposal weekend - better than I could have ever dreamed of. And the fact that my fiancé went to such great lengths to do something special for me speaks well for the rest of our lives. :-)
  26. In Illinois, a soldier decided to surprise his girlfriend by coming home early from Iraq, and that's not all. He also enlisted the help of the local sheriff to spring a traffic stop that would ask for more than her license and registration.

    Chad Defrates sat along side Christian County Sheriff Bob Kinderman. The two were waiting for Jennifer Rogers to get off work.

    Sheriff Kinderman tells the plan, "After she leaves the high school we'll try to follow her to a safe location and pull a traffic stop."

    Before the traffic stop began, Defrates admitted that he was nervous about his surprise trip home and his even bigger surprise wedding proposal that was just minutes away, "I'm much more nervous about this. I've been shot at and mortared and this is much more nerve-wracking."

    Rogers' nerves must have been a little rattled as she talked to the sheriff. Inside the waiting police car, Defrates was also trying to calm down. And then, Defrates made his move.

    The soldier was armed with only a CD player that would play the couple's favorite song, "Bless the Broken Road." His words to his girlfriend were, "You know I'd take as many miles as I have to if I had to do it to get to you. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

    And her response, "Yes. I love you so much."
  27. Go for a run and pretend to sprain your ankle. While you're down, surprise her and propose. Make sure you get the whole thing on tape with hidden cameras (a friend of family memeber recording for you!). Classic and cheesy at the same time.
  28. My boyfriend Spencer (who has not proposed yet) came up with this one when we were talking one night.
    1. Take your girlfriend on a trip that has a few major landmarks (in his case, it was Paris, France) or just places with stunning scenery.
    2. While you're there be sure to take plenty of pictures. Also tell her that you need a few 'alone' hours one day to spend just by yourself.
    3. During that time (also make sure there's someone around that can take pictures for you), periodically in beautiful areas or at the landmarks, have a passerby take 4 pictures of you in different places with a sign.. each one saying a different word.."WILL YOU MARRY ME?"
    4. When you get home take the pictures to be developed (DO NOT let her alone with the camera in case she takes them in on her own and ruins the surprise) and one night while you're alone in bed or just alone period, go through the pictures and make sure THE 4 are the last 4 in the sequence of pictures. Then, when she sees those last few pull out a ring as the last picture is found and she knows what you're asking and wait for her answer.
  29. I have been thinking of a way to propose to my true love and an idea I have is really quite simple: when she falls asleep and is in a deep slumber, I will slip the ring onto her finger and leave a little note on the bed next to her before she wakes in the morning. I intend to bee cooking her favorite breakfast (pancakes) in the morning when she wakes up.
  30. I am all about the "element of surprise" in a proposal. I want to propose in front of her family and mine... and the best way to get us all together without her expecting it is to propose on my birthday. She will never expect a proposal at a party or dinner in my honor. I think this is the best occasion because if I did it at Christmas, Valentines, or on her birthday, not only would she expect it, but I would never be able to out do myself on that holiday again.
  31. Propose in a book that you are writing as I did. I proposed to my wife in the acknowledgment section in the book "PayPal Hacks". See for example. - Dave
  32. I proposed to my now wife at an old time photo store (you know, where they dress you up). While she was getting dressed, I alerted the photographer of my intention so he positioned me kneeling next to her for the photo. He took a few pictures and then I pulled out the ring and propsed. It was perfect! She was so suprised and we have the picture to prove it.
  33. My girlfriend knew that I had the ring and that I had spoken with her father to get his blessing, so I knew that I was going to have to be very sneaky to actually surprise her. I knew that if I had her get dressed up for an evening out she would know. So I bought a pair of dolce and gabbana sunglasses that she had been wanting and carefully placed the ring around one of the legs of the glasses. I had the glasses wrapped up to look like I just got her someone randomly. When she took the glasses out to try the on, I dropped to one knee and asked the love of my life to marry me.
  34. My husband knew I loved fairy tails and disneyland. So he gave me a box with a penny in it in front of the castle. We took it over to Snow Whites wishing well where I made a wish. When I turned around, he was down on one knee with a ring and a proposal. It was awesome.
  35. My wonderful husband (now) proposed to me while we were visiting his family in Las Vegas. He had been in a Madrigals singing group in high school so he solicited the help of some of those friends, as well as borrowed 2 costumes. We planned to go out to have the King Arthur's Tournament dinner at the Excalibur Hotel so we wore our beautiful costumes of that time period. During the dinner, unbeknownst to me, his sisters and mom were decorating one of the cars to look like a horse-drawn carriage. When we returned from dinner, he slipped away to the previous planned place of the proposal, and I was blindfolded by his sisters and told that I was taking a ride to a very special place. We drove across town to his grandparent's neighborhood. Just inside their gated community is a tall bridge with a pathway under it, leading to a small pond. As I got out of the "carriage" that his sisters were driving, I was unblindfolded at the end of the winding pathway. I opened my eyes to see: the pathway lined with about 30 people, all holding torches, that were leaning over the path. As I walked through this amazing path, each person raised their torch for me to walk through. At the end of the path, right in front of the pond, was my fiancé, waiting. As I approached him, he bent down on one knee (our songs are playing in the background), and asked me to marry him. I was so teary eyed but excited! I screamed "Yes!" and jumped into his arms. As I did, he took a step backwards and we both almost fell right into the pond! I think I saved us both! The whole crowd of his friends and family were cheering. They had also set up tables to serve sparkling cider and cookies. It was absolutely beautiful and didn't cost much at all, and all of those people were able to participate. They all still talk about it.
  36. Ok, this has been on my mind for quite a while. I am planning on propsing to my girlfriend on November 11th 2007 and was thinking about maybe carrying her to a nice resturaunt and getting her hopes up and then on the way home stop by like Wal*Mart or something with a game room in it. And spending like 6 dollars trying to win a bear out of the claw machine and then give a 10 dollar bill and tell her to go to the cashier and get you change. And while she is gone, put he ring laying down in the prize box and when she gets back tell her that you just won an animal and then she reaches in and grabs the ring...What do you think?
  37. This is how my husband proposed: We were going to celebrate our dating anniversary of 12 years. We were thinking of perhaps seeing a show, but he didn't want to go to NY. I had no idea why he was so pushy about that. So I found a nice one. He got off work which was still too early for the show or dinner so we went to the zoo. We both love animals and we had a membership. It was close to closing time but I was taking my time. He kept saying that would should move on. I had no idea why but went with it. Then I wanted to go in the gift shop, but he wouldn't let me, which was starting to get a bit odd, but I went with it again. We ended up at the camels. It was a couple and finally we were alone. He sat me down and brought out the ring and proposed. Suddenly, I realized why he was acting so weird, though I had a hint of something when we in the parking lot and he had to get something from his suit but was taking a long time. I just brushed that off (maybe subconsciously so he won't think I found him out ;>). But we were really happy going into dinner and then watching our show. Our neighboring show goers were happy for us too! It was sweet. Though, thinking back I guess I helped us plan my proposal. Hah!
  38. My boyfriend and I were high school sweethearts that fell in love at the beach. We had talked about getting married and picked out a ring together. On memorial day, he invited me to his family's party. After his family left, we went outside and were sitting on his back porch looking at the stars. He had been teaching me the constellations for some time and I finally found a few of them on my own. With that, he wispered in my ear, "this would be such a great time to propose (pause) if only i had a ring". Then he held up his hand and had the ring we bought on his finger. He looked at me and said "Well I do have this one... I love you with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." I was at a loss for words, so i kissed him. He put the ring on my finger and then we saw a shooting star. It was the perfect night.
  39. I bought 12 red roses and picked one out of it. Whilst eating at our favourite restaurant I asked her about her roses, she commented it was an unusual number. I brought the 12th out of my inside jacket pocket and I had hidden the ring deep inside the petals. I insisted she sniffed it, then got on the knee.
  40. I proposed to my girlfriend like this and she loved it. I ran a bath before she got home filled the bathroom with rose petals and red candles. I shut the lights off and as she came home, I told her I ran her a bath. We took a bath and as she was getting out she turned around and I was on one knee and I asked her. She loved it and all her friends did to. I think i heard about it for months.
  41. I have a trip planned for the two of us to visit a theme park (she loves ferris wheels). When we get to the top of the ferris wheel I will give her a kiss, then the ring box inside of it is a note that says "Will you marry me?". Here's the part I haven't decided on yet: Do I tie a string to the ring and give it to her on the ferris wheel (afraid of dropping it, I'm nervous already) or do I wait until we get off the ride and propose?