Marriage Proposals Using Water

Whether you in water, visiting water, or using water, you can propose marriage in a cool way!

Download 101 of the most creative and romantic marriage proposals ever!

  1. Propose under a waterfall on an island vacation. With the water cascading over you, it's the ultimate in exotic romance.
  2. Are you a scuba diver? Ask her underwater! Take an under-water chalkboard (or whatever works for you to write your message on) with you down under and propose as your explore the depths. You'll be proposing with your two loves - her and diving.
  3. After a romantic dinner, take her for a romantic walk along the shore. Have a friend or someone you trust place a bottle with a message in it and the ring on the beach shore. You'll likely want them to hide somewhere nearby to keep an eye on it until you get there. When you arrive, get her to pick it up and then propose with the note and present the ring to her.
  4. Put various items from your boyfriend/girlfriend relationship stage into a box. Take her out to a river/lake/other body of water with the box and floating candles. A romantic picnic or such is perfect for this as well. Set the box out on the water and let her know that these are the memories from her being your girlfriend and then let it float away. Next, tell her that it's time to make a new box of memories as husband and wife and then give her the ring. Light your floating candles and let them float away at this point, the burning light representing your bright future together.
  5. Take her out to climb to the top of a lighthouse. Pop the question overlooking a beautiful ocean/shore view. You will soar to new heights when she responds with a big YES!
  6. Charter a boat and take her out for an evening of romance with dinner and wine on the water. After eating, get down on one knee, tell her how much she means to you, and ask for her hand in marriage.
  7. Canoe down the river and propose as you drift slowly along the water.
  8. Spend the afternoon paddling your way around a lake in a paddle boat. Bring along a lunch, a bottle of wine (to celebrate with!), and the ring. Pause in your paddling to tell her how her love means to you and ask for her hand in marriage.
  9. As you take a romantic walk along the beach during sunset, bend down to pick up the perfect shell for her and instead get down on one knee and give her the ring.
  10. Spend the afternoon sailing on a catamaran or charter a boat for a sunset sail. As you glide across the water with the ocean breeze against your face and the sunset glistening across the waves, ask for her hand in marriage.