Winter Marriage Proposal Ideas

It's cold outside, but that's to your advantage! Cuddle up for a romantic winter marriage proposal while the snow's blowing outside.

Download 101 of the most creative and romantic marriage proposals ever!

  1. Write your proposal in the snow. Or use food coloring and write your proposal in the snow with color! Bring her outside, bundled up, and propose as you hold her close to keep her warm.
  2. Take her on a sleigh ride and propose as you snuggle together under a blanket.
  3. Go sledding together on a 2-person sled and ask her to marry you when you get to the bottom of the hill.
  4. Go to a ski resort for the weekend and propose as you're riding up on the ski life together.
  5. Have a snowball fight with the ring in one of the snowballs (make sure it's a gentle toss!). When the snowball crashes on her, have her find the ring. The key here is to make sure it's a gentle toss and actually lands on her.
  6. Hide the ring in her gloves for a surprise to find when she's ready to slip them on. When she pulls it out, ask her to marry you.
  7. Scratch it out in the ice on her wind shield to find when she comes out in the morning. Be waiting at the door so that you can pop the question.
  8. Build a snowman and have him hold the ring box in his stick hand (or tie it to his scarf). Call her out to look at him and propose when she sees the ring.
  9. Cuddle up in front of the fireplace on a snowy day and propose while the fire crackles.
  10. Propose at the top of a snowy mountain while the sun is out and the sky is blue. Then ski or sled down together.